Hiroshi KondohAndreas Stelzer

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the third IEEE MTT-S International Conference on Microwaves for Intelligent Mobility (ICMIM) held in Nagoya, Japan, on March 19-21, 2017. After the first successful conference in Heidelberg, Germany, and the second one in San Diego, USA, the conference has come to Japan before returning to EU.

Intelligent mobility has recently become a major driving force for the R&D in many industries. Autonomous driving is now a most exciting topic in the automotive industries around the world with practical demonstrations and implementations already started. In-flight Internet connection via satellite in commercial airliners is now available with phased-array systems. Construction/mining vehicles operates autonomously with microwave communications and sensing technologies. RFID tags and localization systems facilitate storage managements of cargos.

Microwaves as enabling technologies play a major role in intelligent sensing, localization, and communications. The ICMIM conference offers a gathering place for those who work on intelligent mobility facilitated by RF/microwave/mm-wave-related technologies. The conference covers a wide range of technologies from component levels to system application levels.

The ICMIM2017 conference is comprised of oral sessions, poster sessions and exhibitions. We are very much honored to have 2 keynote speakers from the Cabinet Office, the Government of Japan, and from Ministry of Internal affairs and Communications. We are also very much excited to offer ten invited talks by leading experts in a variety of fields, which by themselves are considered to constitute a high-quality workshop on intelligent mobility. Together with regular papers, the session arrangement of the conference will provide enough opportunities for intimate discussion even among attendees with different sets of expertise.

We are pleased to hold this conference in Nagoya, a central location of Japanese automotive industries with 500-year historical heritage of Samurai society. You may enjoy a season of cherry blossoms.

Let us enjoy the exciting update of the latest technologies and the spring in Japan.

Hiroshi Kondoh, EHF Consulting, Japan
Andreas Stelzer, Johannes Kepler Univ., Austria
ICMIM2017 General Co-Chairs