Regular Paper Presentation:

[Format of your slides]

  • In preparation of your slides, use a format of slides conventionally used in a conference sponsored by IEEE.
  • Your slides must be in either of ppt, pptx, pdf formats.
    (Make sure that all fonts are embedded for .pdf files)

[Form of Oral Presentation]

  • You can use, either a conference-prepared Windows PC or your own PC for your slide presentation.
  • In either case, please prepare a USB-stick with your presentation as backup.
  • Please come to the conference room at least 15minutes before the start of your session to see your session chair and complete uploading your file into the conference-prepared presentation PC. If you use your own PC, make sure that your PC is error free for a connection to a projector before the session.
  • The total time for your presentation is 20 minutes, which consist of a 15 minute talk and a 5 minute Q&A.

Interactive Forum (IF)/Poster Paper Presentation:

  • Each poster paper has two parts: first, an IF preview talk and second, the interactive poster presentation. Please prepare for both.

[IF Preview Talk]

  • Make a brief introductory oral presentation on Poster at the session "Previews of Interactive Forum" (Sun.,March 19, 13:15-14:46) which will be held in the session hall.
  • The total time of your preview talk is 6 minutes (no time for Q&A)
    Describe and advertise the essence of your poster in the Interactive Forum by using a conventional format of slide presentation.
  • Your slides must be in either of ppt, pptx, pdf formats.
    (Make sure that all fonts are embedded for .pdf files)
  • You can use ONLY a conference-prepared Windows PC for your slide presentation. Complete uploading your presentation file into the presentation PC BEFORE the session.
  • See your session chair at least 15 minutes before the start of the session.

[Interactive Poster Presentation]

  • The Interactive Forum will be held twice (MO2: Mon., March 20, 13:20-14:20 & TU3: Tue., March 21, 13:05-14:05) in the Foyer.
    Please be sure to attend the both sessions as authors.
  • Each poster paper is provided with a space of size A0 format (width 841 mm × height 1189 mm) to install posters. The space can be occupied by either one poster or several smaller ones.
  • Please put your poster up anytime before 13:20 on Mon., March 20, the start of the 1st IF session.

For any questions regarding presentations, please ask This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.