The conference will be comprised of oral and interactive/poster sessions, and all papers will be submitted to IEEE Xplore for publication. ICMIM invites papers on all topics related to the topic of the conference, including but not limited to:

• RF components, MMIC, and Packaging 
• Frontends and Modules 
• Active antennas and MIMO 
• System design of radars/sensors and wireless communications 
• Modulation and waveforms 
• Wave propagation and RCS 
• RF signal processing 
• Digital signal processing

in these fields of applications:

• Automotive radar
• ITS systems including automobiles, railroad, roadside, airborne 
• Passive and active imaging and sensing systems 
• RF-based localization and monitoring of movable objects/vehicles 
• Wireless power transfer and energy harvesting for movable objects/vehicles
• Automotive to X communication (V2X) 
• Mobile to mobile/stationary communication 
• RF applications for any mobile devices/vehicles/machines