Wireless Power Transfer Technologies
DAY2 | March 20, 2017
16:05-17:15 | Place: Conference Room

16:05 MO4-1 INVITED: A Battery-Less Electric Roadway Vehicle Runs for the First Time in the World Takashi Ohira, Toyohashi (University of Technology, Japan)
16:35 MO4-2 Study on Cavity Resonator Wireless Power Transfer to Sensors in an Enclosed Space with Scatterers Ippei Takano, Daigo Furusu, Yousuke Watanabe and Masaya Tamura (Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan)
16:55 MO4-3 Verification Efficiency of Electric Coupling Wireless Power Transfer in Water Yasumasa Naka, Kyohei Yamamoto, Takuma Nakata and Masaya Tamura (Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan), Mitsuru Masuda (FURUKAWA Electric Co., Ltd, Japan)