Advanced Component Technologies for Intelligent Mobilities
DAY1 | March 19, 2017
15:15-16:55 | Place: Conference Room

15:15 SU2-1 An Integrated 122 GHz Differential Frequency Doubler with 37 GHz Bandwidth in 130 nm SiGe BiCMOS Technology Arzu Ergintav, Frank Herzel, J. Borngräber, Dietmar Kissinger and Herman Ng (IHP GmbH, Germany)
15:35 SU2-2 A 30.5 GHz Fully Integrated Frequency Synthesizer in SiGe BiCMOS for 61 GHz and 122 GHz Radar Applications Maciej Kucharski (IHP Microelectronics, Germany), Arzu Ergintav, Frank Herzel, Dietmar Kissinger and Herman Ng (IHP GmbH, Germany)
15:55 SU2-3 Experimental Investigation on 15 GHz Band Integrated Front-End Module Including Antenna and Filter for 5G Mobile Communications Systems Yasunori Suzuki, Kei Satoh, Hiroshi Okazaki and Shoichi Narahashi (NTT DOCOMO, Japan), Takana Kaho, Maki Arai and Yo Yamaguchi (NTT Corp., Japan)
16:15 SU2-4 Digitally Enhanced High Speed ADC for Low Power Wireless Applications Thomas Y. Lee (Microchip Technology Inc, USA)
16:35 SU2-5 Highly Angle and Frequency Selective Absorption by Mushroom Metasurfaces for Indoor Propagation Control Subaru Morita, Hidehisa Shiomi, Hiroshi Murata and Atsushi Sanada (Osaka University, Japan)