Antenna Technologies for High-Performance Radars, Sensing, and Localization
DAY3 | March 21, 2017
14:05-15:35 | Place: Conference Room

14:05 TU4-1 INVTED: Performance Improvement of Localization of Radio Sources by using Spatial Smoothing Processing in Near-field DOA-Matrix Method with SAGE Algorithm Nobuyoshi Kikuma (Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan)
14:35 TU4-2 Compact Cavity-Backed Dual-Polarized Aperture Antennas for Millimeter Wave MIMO Applications Nan-Chin Chuang, He-Sheng Lin and Yi-Cheng Lin (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)
14:55 TU4-3 Dual-Polarized Directivity Enhanced Active Metamaterial Antenna for Polarimetric Radar Applications Dongyin Ren and Jun H. Choi (Syracuse University, USA), Tatsuo Itoh (UCLA, USA)
15:15 TU4-5 Multibeam-switching Millimeter-wave Antenna using Beam-tilting Design in Perpendicular Plane to Feeding Line of Microstrip Comb-line Antenna Hiroya Tanabe, Kunio Sakakibara and Nobuyoshi Kikuma (Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan)